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Scratch Your Own Itch | With Logan Tyler Nelson

Scratch Your Own Itch


The creator and host Logan Tyler Nelson brings on guests that are have gone through serious Trauma.

The guests range from Artists, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Authors, and occasionally Doctors.

The truth is we create our own world. We are responsible for our attitude. That’s the reason you have the reality or the life you are living right now.

If your life stinks you had something to do with it and the opposite is true. If your life is good you had something to do with it.

The important news — you can change your life and change your way of seeing the world at any moment. You can make new choices, different choices, better choices at any time to improve your life in many positive and good ways.

Every episode of Scratch your own itch will not only make you feel a lot less alone in your own traumas but give you a question that you NEED to answer for yourself in order to truly Create A Life Worth Living.

Oct 25, 2017

About David Kadavy

David Kadavy is the author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon). He also hosts a podcast called Love Your Work (iTunes), where he's interviewed entrepreneurs and creators such as Jason FriedDan ArielyJames AltucherRyan HolidayLaura RoederNoah Kagan, and many more.

He used to be a product designer in Silicon Valley, but I’ve since doubled down on my love for writing, after accidentally becoming an author. My writing has been featured in ObserverThe Huffington PostInc.comQuartzMcSweeney’s Internet TendencyUpworthy, and Lifehacker. He currently does most of his writing and thought experimentation on Medium, and I’m very active on Twitter, and have a Facebook Page.


Show notes

We talk about his relationship with his body.


We talk about his ability to turn hatred from a piece of work and to transform it into loving his work.


His Blog that he started 13 years ago and it manifested from not caring about perfection.


His tricks to get himself to write when he doesn’t feel like it.


Including scheduling, and finding the threshold.


The secret to starting anything artistic that may scare you. Hint. It starts with generosity.

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