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Scratch Your Own Itch | With Logan Tyler Nelson

Scratch Your Own Itch


The creator and host Logan Tyler Nelson brings on guests that are have gone through serious Trauma.

The guests range from Artists, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Authors, and occasionally Doctors.

The truth is we create our own world. We are responsible for our attitude. That’s the reason you have the reality or the life you are living right now.

If your life stinks you had something to do with it and the opposite is true. If your life is good you had something to do with it.

The important news — you can change your life and change your way of seeing the world at any moment. You can make new choices, different choices, better choices at any time to improve your life in many positive and good ways.

Every episode of Scratch your own itch will not only make you feel a lot less alone in your own traumas but give you a question that you NEED to answer for yourself in order to truly Create A Life Worth Living.

Nov 29, 2018

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Loren Michaels Harris, a survivor of the foster care system and an adoptee, strives to share the combined learnings of his time within the foster care system and his life experiences with those seeking insight into how to accomplish the most out of their...

Nov 27, 2018

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My name is Rob Lawless.

I’m 25 years old, originally from Norristown, now live in Philadelphia, and I enjoy meeting new people.

Three years ago, I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Finance and minors in Accounting &...

Nov 26, 2018

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Dr. Gladys Ato champions individuals and organizations to evolve through change and loss and reach their highest potential as leaders of tomorrow. She is a personal growth expert, clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of the book, The Good...

Nov 20, 2018

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Nov 18, 2018