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Scratch Your Own Itch | With Logan Tyler Nelson

Scratch Your Own Itch


The creator and host Logan Tyler Nelson brings on guests that are have gone through serious Trauma.

The guests range from Artists, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Authors, and occasionally Doctors.

The truth is we create our own world. We are responsible for our attitude. That’s the reason you have the reality or the life you are living right now.

If your life stinks you had something to do with it and the opposite is true. If your life is good you had something to do with it.

The important news — you can change your life and change your way of seeing the world at any moment. You can make new choices, different choices, better choices at any time to improve your life in many positive and good ways.

Every episode of Scratch your own itch will not only make you feel a lot less alone in your own traumas but give you a question that you NEED to answer for yourself in order to truly Create A Life Worth Living.

Apr 28, 2018

Whether it’s total food intake, exercise, sunlight, protein, or work habits, we often think we need to do way much more than we actually need to do to get the results we want. But why crank out those extra reps or put in those extra few hours if you don’t actually need to? After all, failing to heed the minimum...

Apr 27, 2018

1. Who is Trev Algatt

2. How To Transition When You Lose Your Passion

3. Check out:

4. How To Cultivate More Curiosity

5. Where You Can start Improving Your Joy

7. Trevor's Loss With His Brother

8. Why Trevor Is Okay With...

Apr 25, 2018

1. Who is Justin Schneck 

2.  How To Make Quantum Leaps With Your Podcast

3. Check out:

4. How To Get Rob Bell On Your Show

5. Where You Can start Improving Your Inner Circle

7. Justin's Loss With His Mom

8. Why Justin Doesn't Do Things For Money

9. Justin's Persistence Has Gave Him...

Apr 22, 2018

How important is the work you’re doing?

How much are you learning?

How curious are you?

How much are you investing in your education?

Compared to the people at the top of your field, how much are you learning and failing?

Do you know who the “best” in your field are?

Do you see the holes in their thinking and in...

Apr 21, 2018

1. Who is Theora Moench

2.  How To Make Quantum Leaps Personally And Professionally

3. Check out:

4. How To Find Your Truth For What You Were Born To do Myth

5. Where You Can start Improving You Inner Circle

7. Theora's Relationship With Herself

8. Why Theora Doesn't Care About Making The...