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Scratch Your Own Itch | With Logan Tyler Nelson

Logan Tyler Nelson will give you hope again.

Give you the inspiration you need.

To talk about the thoughts we have about ourselves that we think about a lot but need to talk about more.

This is to prove that you and anyone you know can take a Mess and Turn it into Success because this is what is missing in leaders.

Leaders of our world are constantly showing you everything that is perfect but to show the Messiness is the most important part.

Even now while you’re on social media you see stories of people you look up too/ celebrities or people that you admire to be.

I want you to know the truth. The truth behind it all.

That there is some kind of Story that’s a complete mess in their life.

This doesn’t make them bad.

It makes them human.

I want to put humanity back In The People We Look Up To The Most

By sharing these stories of highly successful celebrities and people you look up to you will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oct 30, 2017

About my Guest

Aaron Marcus has been a full-time actor and commercial model for over 3 decades.
He has been cast in over 1,200 TV and radio commercials, corporate films, feature films, television and print ads.

Along with Aaron’s acting and modeling work, he is also America’s Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling...

Oct 27, 2017

Show notes


This week I had the opportunity to share Akshay Nanavatis story of overcoming drug addiction, alcoholism, PTSD from fighting the war in Iraq and recovering from the brink of suicide.


Akshay Nanavati has since explored the most hostile environments on the planet and built a business helping people...

Oct 25, 2017

About David Kadavy

David Kadavy is the author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon). He also hosts a podcast called Love Your Work (iTunes), where he's interviewed entrepreneurs and creators such as Jason FriedDan ArielyJames AltucherRyan Holiday

Oct 23, 2017

The Small narration of Scratching Your Own Itch, Who Logan Tyler Nelson is, and why I am the way I am. 


If you're looking for ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or ‘me’ time, LTN is here to bring you the "information diet" or "data diet" or "knowledge diet" or "instructions 4 life diet" Each...

Oct 23, 2017

Jeremy Slate is the founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast which helps entrepreneurs live the lives they know they were meant to. He studied literature at Oxford University, Specializes in using Online social networking to build an offline relationship and was ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy. It is because...